Welcome Letter

Hi Fam, Friends, Friends that are like Fam, Friends of Fam, and Friends of Friends:

A picture is worth a thousand words and VoiceBitz wants to help kids say those words and tell the stories of pictures.

I have built a web site to help kids 8-12 years old improve their communication skills through storytelling. It is not scientific or groundbreaking in the way that it works, but I do believe that it will work and that it will make a difference so I am working with schools, teachers, parents, speech pathologists, psychologists, SME’s, and anyone passionate about kids to make storytelling a fun way for kids to improve speech and language skills.

The way it works is that parents and teachers encourage kids to be talkative and creative by selecting pictures and making storytelling activities out of them for the kids to do. Pretty simple and not difficult for some kids to do, but fact of the matter is that there are many kids out there that have difficulties with this for one reason or another. With a little bit of help from us all we can help each one of them with some encouragement and acknowledgement.

My hope is that this website is the start of a place where all kids feel comfortable telling their stories. A place where kids are inspired by other kids and their stories and begin building the confidence and skills to tell their own stories.

If you want to help improve over 30 million kids improve speech and language skills then sign up, sign your kid up, log on and have a look around and start creating activities and telling stories together.

The site is a work in progress so any and all feedback is really appreciated. Find our blog here and always feel welcome to contact us to help out.