What is going on with voicebitZ?

As you can see from the posts there was a complete drop off in status updates and communication from my side. The only thing I can say is “Sorry”.

VoiceBitZ is live on a very minimal release. I launched with some teachers and wanted to invite a “larger audience”, but unfortunately the “larger audience” did not come. This was of no fault by the “larger audience” rather a mistake that I made in estimating the effort and execution needed to inform and gather that “larger audience”.

At the same time another unfortunate event occurred which was that I ran out of money. After a bit more than a year of working on VoiceBitz it became a necessity for me to go and raise money and so while I had a few teachers and persons interested in VoiceBitZ, I no longer could make the time to work on it with the focus and dedication needed to take it to the next level.

Alas! VoiceBitZ is not going away though and I will have to be better and faster at moving ahead, but I still have a team and I am still as determined as ever.

If you are as determined as I am to make happier, healthier kids then you will hang on for the return. I promise that VoiceBitz will be back and the next time I hope that it is something that we all can fall in love with.


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