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VoiceBitz is designed as a Google Chrome web application.  That means you need to be on a computer using Google Chrome to fully enjoy voiceBitz.

You can do most everything on all devices such as iPads or iPhones or Android and Windows tablets and smartphones, but the voicebitZ recorder is only supported on the Google Chrome web application.  There are other alternatives to get your recordings into voicebitz though. You can try our emailing and uploading services.  We will publish a Help page with more details about those.

You may also notice that voiceBitz appears in many different forms like VoiceBitz or voiceBitZ or voicebitZ or sometimes even just voicebitz.  Well, we know and we meant for it to happen that way…kinda.

VoiceBitz is playful and celebrates creativity and also the less celebrated Z or Zed.  Voicebitz is bitz of voicez floating out into the cloudZ so let your voiZe balloonz go and have fun with us!

Our doors are open for everyone on September 1, 2014 at 1159 CET – that is Central European Time because our headquarters are located in a universe in Denmark! 😉


“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein

What can I do on voiceBitz? You can use your voice, of course, to tell stories.
VoiceBitz is simple and fun – Share stories. Earn Coins. Trade Coins. Win prizes!

Our coins are actually little crowns called “krownZ”. So actually you earn and trade krownZ!

3 Easy Ways to Start Earning krownZ
1. Tell a story
2. Join a venture
3. Start a rally

You tell a story.  You share it with your groups. You earn krownZ.
Join a venture by listening to stories. You earn krownZ.
Start a rally by creating a story venture. You earn krownZ.

Collect as many krownZ as you can to get a bonus when you trade. You can trade your krownZ for prizes, stickers, and badges.

Discover new bitZ. BitZ are stories and sounds published by members for anyone and everyone to use. If you find a bitZ that you really like and would like to use it in one of your own stories then trade your krownZ to get rights to use the bitZ. It is then added to your Blitz Mixer.

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How can I help support my child’s and every child’s creativity?

We are raising the “CQ” – the “Creativity Quotient”.
Our kids are motivated by the acknowledgement they get from us about what they created or did, but they also like the challenge of achieving something more, something more than just our acknowledgement. They like things because they are fun and that is explanation enough for them, they say: “Because it’s fun!”
We love this about our kids, but we also wanted more from the games and apps and social networks that our kids were using or want to start using.

Studies show that parents that play more games with their children, at all age levels, express stronger feelings of closeness in their relationships with their kids. Well, that makes sense to us because we all love playing games with our kids and we all wouldn’t mind doing it as often as we possibly could. Parents told us that they would love to be more involved in their children’s online lives and we agreed. We too wanted to be more involved in our own children’s online lives and not monitoring. So we made a place where we could acknowledge our child’s efforts for creating thoughtful and creative content.

We created the “CQ Fund” to get parents involved and let parents show they support children’s creativity. The “CQ Fund” is based on our virtual currency – “krownZ”, which is a currency that is valued in “creative effort”.

The way it works:
On voiceBitZ, kids compete to earn “krownZ”. “KrownZ” can be used to win and redeem prizes based on the number of krownZ they have and the current “CQ”, which is a rating based on the “CQ Fund” for the day. Only Kids can earn “krownZ” by completing activities, creating content, or trading content to other members (kids) on the site. Parents (or members 13 years and older) can only award CQ badges. Packs of badges can only be purchased by members 16 and over. Your child is acknowledged for their effort by the badges displayed on their content and all children are rewarded with a better “CQ” rating for the community. Most importantly for us is that we use a portion of the CQ Fund to support educational and charitable organizations. It is our way of giving back to the world around us and saying thanks to the teachers and schools that help prepare our kids for it.

Individual badges for your child. krownZ for everyone!

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You are our inspiration!

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

2 to 3 students in every classroom have difficulties communicating! We want to help teachers provide a way for every student’s voice to be heard and to get the acknowledgement and encouragement they need to continually exercise and improve their speech and language skills.

We have activities to support teachers in creative storytelling activities for the class. Templates and sound bites to create an old time radio show or a super hero story. Templates to support story development using the “Peace-Disorder-Peace” model. Templates for character and scene development using “Imagination Journeys”. Activities and games allowing children to jump in and contribute to stories such as “Little Blue Riding Hood” or Tag Team stories and “Rigamarole”. There are many more activities and teachers are our inspiration for these activities. We need teachers to keep inspiring and contributing great activities and ideas for more creative storytelling games. Teachers are part of a network where you are also encouraged to share your content. You don’t need badge packs to have a class on VoiceBitz, but by purchasing a CQ badge pack for your class you contribute to the CQ Fund too!

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We are creating a safe social network for kids 8-12 years old and we are doing this by virtually connecting primary year schools together. Each school that joins our network insures that all kids from your school are able to connect to each other as well as opens up the opportunity for kids to connect and meet with kids from schools all over the world.

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