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In the making of voicebitZ, I have not had that much time to do “proper” Helps or FAQs so I thought that it could be a good idea to make this page to get the community involved in helping to improve the web app.  I will also be posting a Help page with tips and tricks, but hopefully that will only be the stuff about new features, bells, whistles, and things like that.

On this page, please help us improve voicebitZ.

If you find something strange, or you have problems getting something to work, or if you have any questions about how to use voiceBitz or what you can do on voiceBitz or where you find things on voiceBitz then comment here. Check back often because maybe someone in the voiceBitz community knows the answer, but either way our team of 2 and a half parents will get back to you as quickly as possible…on this page.  We will also use this page to find the bugs, glitches, hitches, and unknown features that we did not find ourselves.

We want to hear it all so just let us know. So if you figure something out that you thought was tricky or neat then post it here too. It might help others out or give them some neat ideas about how they can use voicebitz too.

We hope that you will join us in making VoiceBitz great for all our kids.  Thanks and enjoy!

Kevin Lewis Hall
Founder VoiceBitz


  1. infamusk72

    The first comment I will make is just a simple reminder to use Google Chrome on a computer to be able to use the voicebitz recorder. We have designed the web app to be compatible with Google Chrome only. It may seem like it will work on other browsers and it might even do that, but we have optimized for Google Chrome for our web app and are looking forward to developing our mobile app for tablets soon.

  2. Krystian

    The site looks very nice, so great start in my humble opinion,.I’ve testes few things there and made a file with screenshots and comments (comments1.pdf). Hope that helps:

    One more thing. I found it unpleasent when I had my headset on and listened to different recordings available . Some had volume low and some were very loud. I don’t know if that can be fixed, as this probably depends on the users’ hardware settings, but just sharing my thoughts.

    • infamusk72

      Hi Krystian, (Krystian is actually the newest part of our currently 2 and a half “man” lean team)
      Thanks for your feedback. I would like to inform you that glitch 1 and 3 are solved. Glitch 3 actually uncovered another glitch, however, with the Activity builder (which is both for teachers and parents – exactly who we want to help us test right now!). :( I will prioritize this highest (just after replying to this feedback) for now.
      Recommendation 4 has been addressed, I hope you like the result. 2 and 5 will be logged and we will figure something out.

      As for the volume, yes, the main issue is with each individual recording device/hardware setting. Some people speak softly and others loudly, hopefully, everyone will take advantage of the multiple recordings that you can make before saving your final bitZ and that will improve the end results. No matter what though I think there must be a way to make this better so I will be logging that also so that we look into figuring something out.

      Thanks for the feedback, welcome to the team, and happy blitZing!

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